Everlasting Word Church - Plan a Visit
Everlasting Word Church - Community Resource Center
We invite you to visit Everlasting Word Church for a service and see what we’re all about. 

When can you come?

Monday Night @ 7pm - Prayer service open to all
Have a concern, need to get a praise out, or just want to pray with other believers then please do not hesitate to join us. Even teens and youth attend

Wednesday Mid week Prayer @ 3pm- 4pm - Prayer service open to all. Sometimes Once a week prayer service is not enough now you can come twice by attending our 1 hour  mid week prayer service.

Friday Evening Bible Study @ 3pm - 6pm - Ever wonder what the Bible is talking about, have a burning question about scripture or want to share some of your knowledge. Please join us for a open forum lead Bible study. Just only a hour, but a lot gets covered every session.

Sunday Mornings! - Praise God for Sunday Service. We offer a Sunday school open to everyone at 10 am followed by a spiritually packed Main Service at 11am. You don't want to miss it! There is also a Teen and children's class during the 11am Service.

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